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This world includes different cultures, religions, beliefs, traditions and cuisines. People are excited to know more about each other’s traditions and actively participate in every festival. So do they get to try different cuisines as well. I feel the best thing about food is that it holds and connects people from all over the world.


Every country, or we can say every city has developed their own taste and are popular for their delicious food. But nothing comes as easy as it might look! Sometimes chefs from different countries, cook food from different country and mislead people about the taste and its procedure. Similar thing happened with a Mexican guy, Alejandro Blanco, who came to Singapore and noticed that Singaporeans got it wrong because of the lack of awareness. 


Then, he started his own restaurant to introduce Real Mexican Food to Singaporeans. According to him, his first Restaurant Senor Taco was a success from day one. He then opened another restaurant El Mero Mero, to keep the flag high of Mexican cuisine. He launched a store where you can find Mexican things which he calls “little part of Mexico in Singapore”.


We feel proud to announce that WYZchef is connected with such amazing restaurants like Senor Taco that not only cook good, but also let you feel good! While sitting in Singapore you get to taste what real food of the world tastes like!


In a world which is full of fake things, be a smart one to pick good restaurant. After all, It is a matter of your health. So Eat Wisely & Choose Wisely!