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About RedDot

One thing that sets RedDot BrewHouse apart from the other microbreweries is the fact that it is Singapore's first locally owned, independent commercial microbrewery. Ernest Ng, the brewmaster is not only the owner of the business but also the designer and builder of the brewery. A self-trained brewer who has been a home brewer since 1997, RedDot stems from a very real passion. Walking up the glittering steps of RedDot and you will be awestruck by the gleaming food-grade stainless steel brewing equipment at the front of the restaurant. This state-of-the-art equipment was designed entirely by Ernest himself, done up in accordance to ASME standards (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) with a total brew capacity of 8,000 litres. The beer that you drink here is unfiltered and unprocessed (straight from the fermenter), and thus retains all the yeast nutrients, original flavour, and unique aroma. Each beer is a delicate composition of ingredients, and the product of Ernest's decade long homebrewing experiences.

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