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    About Biryani Box

    Our story is about our love for food. An unexpected one, actually.  Two friends who came together from conventionally opposite backgrounds - an Indian and a Pakistani - to start Biryani Box because we loved food. Not being professional chefs, or running restaurants, working simultaneously in stressful fortune-500 jobs, learning to buy the perfect rice quality on the job, Not the traditional makings of a thriving food establishment. But our friends loved our authentic biryani and couldn't stop asking for it. We wanted to cook more for them, and in the process try and make the world a friendlier place - one biryani at a time. It's been a few years. with weekdays spent in corporate meetings, and weekends engulfed in the aroma of spices cooking what we love. The smile on people’s faces as they enjoy our food makes it all worth it. We have been super lucky and we are so humbled by the good feedback we receive

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