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Papapeng Chip & Dip is now available on WYZchef platform! Lucius Peng, founder of Papapeng is sharing his story with us.

WYZ: Hello Lucius, could you tell us a little bit more about Papapeng?

Lucius: Hello! Yes, absolutely. Papapeng is a home-grown snack company that offers Snacks & Dips inspired by local and international flavours. Our goal is to create a snack and dip culture with an array of interchangeable snack bases (potato chips, popcorn, pretzel, etc.) and dipping sauces – all in a ready-to-go box.

WYZ: Why the name Papapeng?

Lucius: To me, great food brings family, friends, and people together. The name Papapeng pays homage to my Dad, ‘Papa Peng’, and my family at large, who have been the unsung heroes in my life. I wanted to thank them for everything they have sacrificed for me; the opportunities, privileges, and unconditional support they’ve given me is what made Papapeng possible in the first place.

And of course, Papa Peng is botak (bald), hence the logo.

WYZ: What kind of flavors do you offer?

Lucius: Our flavours are bold, quirky, and different. Papapeng’s debut snack: Chips & Hae Bee Hiam Dip, combines the familiar classic potato chip with a punchy shrimp chili dip – a result that is pure umami. Hae Bee Hiam is a favorite in many Singaporean households but it has been a rather underdog flavour in the snack world, and we wanted to bring this flavour to the spotlight.

WYZ: How did you come up with the idea to turn this traditional dish into a dip?

Lucius: Hae Bee Hiam has always been my favorite dish and one that brings my family together. Growing up, our fridge was always stocked with Hae Bee Hiam that was used to cook fried rice and kangkong.

As an undergraduate in Australia, Hae Bee Hiam was also my go-to chili when cooking my meals. It reminded me of home and also satisfied all my spicy food cravings.

One night, a group of friends came over to my place, and we only had with us some plain potato chips for snacks. I thought why not mix my Hae Bee Hiam with the potato chips for additional spice. Little did I expect this random thought to become a business idea! Mixing the dip with the chip gave it a new dimension; an extra crunchy texture, spice, and savoury kick to otherwise plain chips. That’s when I decided that this snack and dip experience was an excellent concept, something unique and not just your typical flavoured chips.

So with the help of some good friends, we launched Papapeng Chip & Dip during Chinese New Year this year at the Tangs CNY Fair, and people loved it!

We are now working hard to make Papapeng available island-wide and are constantly exploring new unique combinations of snacks and dips for our fans. Any suggestions?

WYZ: Our readers are more than welcome to comment on that at the end of this article! Where can we find Papapeng Chip & Dip?

Lucius: They are available at selected 7-Eleven stores, Naiise Iconic at Jewel and Tangs @ Tang Plaza. You can also order it online.

WYZ: Thank you so much Lucius for sharing your story!

Papapeng Chips & Dips are perfect for any occasion: friends and family gatherings, sports nights, movie nights, or simply to have a snack in the office.