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Good news for all the wise foodies! WYZchef has found for you a new restaurant that you will looooove, a real diamond in the rough now available on our platform! The Brake Kitchen is a cosy and peaceful restaurant where quality and love are the number one ingredients to cook tasty and GMO-free dishes. You can now order their delicious rice and salad bowls for your office lunches!

Relax… put your foot on the brake

When you enter The Brake Kitchen, it smells good, you hear music in the background, and the staff is friendly. That’s when you know that you are in the right place to take a break from the frenzy of the office. The interior design of the restaurant is like the food in your plate; it is all homemade! The decoration reflects the name of the place; car-shaped tables, tire-chairs, and license plates all over the place. This homy environment is perfect for small groups gathering and overall relax after a stressful day.

Tasty homemade food

At the Brake Kitchen, all ingredients are fresh and hand-picked. Chef Vivian makes a point of selecting GMO-free products to cook all the meals. The must-try is the rice and salad bowls. You can mix and match to build your rice bowl or choose the chef’s recommendation. Good news: you can now order them in bento boxes and have them delivered to your office on WYZchef!

Being happy all day long!

The motto at the Brake Kitchen is “Why being happy only 3 hours a day when you can be happy all day long!“. That is why happy hours are ALL DAY long: buy one beer and get one free! Come at any time of the day to enjoy -4ºC beers. It gets even better: on Thursday, you pay one beer, and you get 3! If you need another reason to come to the Brake Kitchen: their delicious hot pot is definitely a good one!

In short: homemade, healthy, and tasty! Don’t miss it; choose wisely: