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A New Way of Cooking

Pioneer in this movement, Fireless Kitchen is a restaurant that serves a special kind food that doesn’t require fire to cook. This technique is called Sous Vide (French for vacuum), it is a cooking method that relies on temperature and time. You thought that 12 hours slow cooking was impressive, well Sous Vide cooking requires sometimes at least 24h of slow cooking. This method lets the ingredients submerge under constant temperature water and they cook there under supervision. They are cooking along with their own gravy and doesn’t let the oxygen in. Prior to putting the food sous vide they are meticulously seasoned by Chef Sid. Helming for 12 years a 5-star international kitchen, he intended to bring the best of food in terms of quality, price and healthiness.

Why is it becoming more popular? Now it is important that our food looks good in addition to being tasty and healthy. Sous Vide Cooking allows the food to keep its texture and attractive colour. Any additional texture like the salmon’s crispy skin, it is added after Sous Vide cooking on an induction plate.

Fireless Kitchen Available on WYZchef


You can now order their delicious and healthy sous vide food for your corporate events. No matter the dish, you also have the option of bringing the whole equipment to impress your guests and make your gathering more entertaining.

The Grand Opening


FireLess Kitchen recently opened at the newly renovated Funan Mall located at North Bridge Road. WYZchef had the pleasure to be invited at their exclusive preview. Vanessa and Chef Sid welcomed us to a buffet where the guests could taste their different dishes.