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The WYZ team attended the third edition of Food Hotel Tech, March 18th-19th, 2019 in Paris. This exhibition, dedicated to technology for all the players of the Hospitality industry, is an excellent opportunity for restaurants and hotels to find new solutions to digitalize their business. We have selected for you five interesting solutions.

The WYZ team at the Food Hotel Tech Paris
The WYZteam at Food Hotel Tech
Food Hotel Tech WYZ team


Winner of the Start-up Innovation Award 2019, Bowo is an in-room digital experience for travelers. The solution, available in the form of a tablet located in the hotel room, offers a range of internal and external services. From entertainment, music, to food delivery and cab services, Bowo offers travelers a customized experience from their hotel room.

Logo Snapshift Food Tech


Snapshift provides restaurants and caterers with a complete solution to plan shifts and optimize payroll. The platform enables managers to plan their days or weeks ahead. This tool also offers a quick overall view of the number of weekly hours worked by each member of the staff. Also, it is easy to assign them a shift. They will receive a notification instantly on the App.

Logo Skeat Food Tech


Skeat is an innovative concept for restaurants and bars to order and pay directly from their table via their cellphones. It is easy as pie: scan the QR code of your table. The kitchen or bar will instantly receive your order and bring it straight to your table. Skeat makes food ordering easy and quick.

Logo Qotid Food Tech


Qotid turns your P&L into valuable data easy to analyze at a glimpse. With this solution, restaurants can customize their interface to get the relevant information about their business, payroll, costs, and incomes. After an initial integration, Qotid will automatically display the significant information.

Logo tourist Tube Food Tech-01

5-Tourist Tube

To boost marketing and sales, Tourist Tube offers hotels 360° virtual tours. Even better than regular pictures, this technology provides future clients with a realistic and innovative view of the facilities before booking their stay.

Meeting of the WYZ team in Paris

WYZ team meeting in Paris

During this visit to the French capital, our team met with our advisor, Patrick Kedziora to discuss the strategic orientation of the company.